Preventive Healthcare

The annual business plan lays out a easy framework that focusses on priorities, tracks progress and manages every part of the business. Such proactive culture is the vital thing to success. Our health too demands a similar strategy. Various researches have indicated that it is possible to stay away from the onset of diseases with preventive healthcare measures. Rather than treating a condition, prior diagnosis through preventive tests can conserve employees in the organization from your lot of distress.

Studies have evaluated that investment created in health and wellness programmes by employers ultimately cause behavioural change and attitude from the employees on the organization. Thus, preventive healthcare in corporates pays rich dividends over time.

Now, now you ask , HOW?

Happy employees make happy customers!

June 21st, corporate India turned their lawns and cafeterias in a makeshift YOGA workshop in celebration of International Yoga Day! With a host of healthy activities that features free sessions with popular YOGA instructors and arranging good diet for employees, your day was wrapped well. With maximum participation, credit goes toward the talent engagement teams for adding life to the health and fitness dimensions on the employees’ lives. People are health conscious etc initiative repays. But with the rise in employee demands, it’s actually a tough for that employers to get the dimensions of as well.

Employees feel they may be supported and taken proper!

Instead of comforting the cribbing and complaining workforce with unnecessary investments, it’s high time to decide on an option which enables a real difference. Group medical care insurance, accidental policies, parental insurance, such competitive benefit packages do attract talent but there are many employer-sponsored benefits which can be non-cash compensation but and very beneficial. The American company, Aflac’s annual employee findings survey have demonstrated that 60% on the employees would use up a job with lower pay after they received better benefits.

The waves of innovation and technology have kissed the health care industry with spurring benefits and introduced the era of e-medicine. Online Healthcare services are ubiquitous and give various benefits for corporates, which seek to crack the business enterprise model with effective strategies. With the launch of digital healthcare space in organization, employers can start to play a proactive role in taking healthcare aspects towards the next level. The e-medical service might help employees to obtain their check up done punctually and avoid severe health complications later. The preventive healthcare measures extended with online medical facilities in-house, can never go unnoticed. After all prevention surpasses cure.

Seeking medical health advice before falling sick!

A very inexcusable scenario from the modern era is premature death because of preventable and curable diseases. Routine check-up is, hence, a mandate for all those. Regular online medical consultation is usually a practice of gauging health status regardless if we feel fit and fine. Employers should go an extra mile when they instil such practices inside workforce by launching a healthcare benefits that permits employees to feel safe all the time. A regular headache after having a certain stretch of time at work each day might make a staff member tense about his/her health. With the available, accessible and affordable online health consultation, employees can speak or talk to a general physician from your workstation itself and minimize anxiety. It is time to idolize, “We take care of you”, the universal motto printed on every employee handbook.

How preventive healthcare addresses this current occupational health situation from deteriorating

“Lifestyle disease” can be a very powerful term related to deteriorated medical ailments of employees in private sectors. We cannot escape the norms of competitive market but you can certainly help ease the load factors with a few impactful actions. The preventive healthcare segment with technological advancement makes the journey easier for corporates who have built alliances with online medicine industries. With online medical care bills through app or desktop, organization encourages its employees to make personal health records with reputed doctors. It helps the crooks to gain usage of quality healthcare services anytime and everywhere you look.

Preventive Healthcare allows employees to get their mind at the job

Attending a crucial meeting while leaving a sick child in the home is the messiest phase inside life of a father or mother. Apart from looking for a half day leave, online heath care treatment service enables us to make contact with an online doctor and focus on the symptoms from the child in details. The medical advice from the reputed doctor will definitely be beneficial. We may also fetch prescriptions on the internet and hold a relevant video consultation once home. Being a dad or mom, it is rather important to keep a close evaluate children’s healthcare. Our office work shouldn’t delay the mandatory and preventive healthcare measures dedicated towards our youngsters. With online healthcare benefits, harassment and delays of doctor’s appointment are eliminated, thus, allowing patients to have treated in the earliest.

Helps as a Considerate Employer

Employers owe a requirement of care towards a traveling employee. The change effects in a variety of ways within the employee must be thoughtfully compensated because of the employer. Along with the monetary benefits, oahu is the care factors that play a huge role. Employees’ health is fully necessary and employer should empower the average person with online doctor service set up on Mobile Apps. This might help the employees to obtain access to doctors everywhere and whenever. Digital healthcare is an efficient and prompt medical consultation system that could provide assistance anywhere and anytime. Organization is going to be praised further whether or not this extends its assistance to your employees’ families through providing them having access to online doctor facilities at any point of their time. The care-o-metre will definitely keep the employee happy and relaxed.

Work place morale plays an excellent role! If the staff are healthy, they’re happier, along with a happy employee could be the most productive one. When employees realize that their company takes proper their wellbeing and health, it generates loyalty and trust. Hence, the main benefit is mutual. While the company invests in Health apps and virtual GP services for employees, they receive substantial improvement in work performance through those affiliated employees.

On-demand use of healthcare 12 hours every day will make employees feel safe at work and, thus, enhance the attentiveness.

Aids in Reputation management

An organization, whether product based or service based, might be more concerned about its global reputation, besides as a provider but in addition as an employer. Companies tend to be evaluated on his or her workplace the ones management culture. Wellness programs are, therefore, an obvious practice that uplifts the banner intact. Health camps set-up using a quarterly basis receive havoc responses from employees while they feel it’s much easier to consult a health care provider amidst work rather than a pre-fixed appointment. Keeping these scenarios planned, online healthcare industries have extended their reach among corporates to make alliances and act being a preventive healthcare regime inside the organization.

Reduces Absenteeism

The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) directory Preventive Healthcare as well as impact on Corporate Sector states that “One rupee invested in prevention saves Rs. 133 in absenteeism costs and Rs. 6.62 in healthcare costs”. Increase in productivity through maximum attendance is one on the major boon of Online Doctor services.

Preventive Healthcare as Customized Package Offerings

Exclusive female doctor consultation is the one other top feature provided because of the Digital healthcare service. Expectant females can whenever cross consult their own health issues with certified physicians online through chat or call. Today, corporate tie ups with online healthcare industries that demand health check-ups of employees and the like practices foster a stronger employee-employer bond that may bear fruit.
Strict confidentiality about employee health records or consultation is especially assured.
Preventive Healthcare can be an opportunity for corporates to contribute on the well-being of the employees and as well their families. It is also a knowledge and education program that’s much needed in our fast-paced life, thus, restoring the all-important healthy balance to get a happy and productive work-life.

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