5 common skin cleansing mistakes & how to avoid them

Makeup removal may seem like a piece of cake. In reality, however, it’s easy to do it wrong without even knowing. If you’re wondering what’s behind your recurring skin issues, the reason may lie there.

It’s no mystery that sleeping with make up on your face is the worst thing you can do to your own skin. It will most likely repay you with unpleasant symptoms such as pimples and blackheads. In the longer perspective – especially if you continue to do it on a daily basis – you can expect other dermatological issues. In the worst scenario, such patterns can lead to seborrheic dermatitis.

The most common cleansing mistakes

Regular cleansing is essential to the beauty of your skin, but if you do it in the wrong way, it can bring the effects opposite to the expected. What are the most common mistakes when it comes to cleansing?

#1 Removing makeup only

Makeup products fall under the category of oily impurities, just as sebum. They gather on the layer of our skin, and removing them is essential to avoid clogging-related issues. But it’s definitely not enough! If you wash your face only once, you won’t be able to remove the sweat and deep-cleanse the skin. That may lead to skin imperfections.

#2 Using the same cleansing product twice

This skincare strategy won’t bring you far. Each of the two types of impurities requires a different approach. The recipe is simple – remove the oily ones with oil-based formulas and the water ones – with water-based formulas. It’s as simple as that!

#3 Skipping the toner

Cleansing may disrupt the natural PH balance of your skin. To restore, you should use the toner. With the increasing skin consciousness, the variety of natural toners that are a side product of essential oil extraction is expanding. Skipping this step may result in skin irritation.

#4 Drying up the skin

Contrary to the common conviction, using cosmetics based on alcohol won’t stop your skin from producing extensive amounts of sebum. Rather the opposite – the skin will produce even more in self-defense. Drying up the skin is not a good strategy when fighting acne and blackheads. Instead, try to focus on moisturizing, exfoliating, and of course – deep cleansing.

#5 Skipping the exfoliation

To make it easier for the active substances in the cosmetics to penetrate your skin cells, it’s worth remembering about the exfoliation. Acids are irreplaceable here. You can use the stronger ones – like salicylic acid, which is very helpful with treating acne – or the milder PHA acids.

And the last tip – when shopping the cosmetics makeup skincare products, don’t rely only on the trends. Always check if their composition and pH is in line with the needs of your skin!


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